"There is no 'i' in team but there is in win." - Michael Jordan

Alicja Wiktoria Stokłosa

Alicja Wiktoria Stokłosa

Chief Executive Officer

Ms Alicja Wiktoria Stoklosa is a Geothermal Engineer with experience in teaching and research in renewable energy sector. Past years she was responsible for technical development and international co-operation for drilling and geothermal indrustry in European and Icelandic companies. In GeoDrone, Ms. Stoklosa is responsible for developing and implementing strategies for business communicaton with corporate operations. Her passionate hobby are old Mercedes cars, of which knowledge she was developing while studying an automotive engineering in Germany.

Tomasz Miklis

Tomasz Miklis

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Tomasz Miklis is an Automation Engineer with experience in international academic environment. From 2011 until 2014 he was the Program Coordinator - Energy Technology at Keilir Institute of Technology in Iceland. Mr. Miklis was responsible for preparing, teaching courses and managing student projects in the field of sustainable energy technologies, PLC programming and mechatronics. Besides his duties at GeoDrone ehf., Mr. Miklis is currently working as a PLC Programmer and cooperates with Icelandic energy management system vendor ReMake Electric ehf.

Tomasz Sasin

Tomasz Sasin

Chief Business Development Officer

Mr. Tomasz Sasin is an Environmental Engineer with an experience in Research and Development in sustainability and energy efficiency sectors. He was taking part in international projects focused on renewable energy. In GeoDrone, Mr. Sasin is responsible for the business development of the company and identification of additional services lying in the scope of GeoDrone.

Jan Michał Krawczyk

Jan Michał Krawczyk

Chief Commercial Officer

Passionate about new energy technologies and energy efficiency improvements. Specializing in the mechanical construction, company management, marketing and finance. Founder and Chief Financial Officer in Hemms, successful startup in building management systems. Experience gained while working as analyst at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow and a specialist in KISE, The Cracow Institute for Sustainable Energy. AGH-UST PhD student, graduate of Energy and Fuels faculty and RES The School for Renewable Energy Science. Enthusiast of new technologies, classic automotive, watches, rock and jazz music. Lover of travel, good food & wine, spending time with family and friends, crazy about his daughter.

GeoDrone history

The four of us met in 2008 in Akureyri, Iceland, where we have started one of the most challenging study programme in the field of renewable energy. At RES - The School for Renewable Energy Science we were completely educated and learned how to manage projects, schedule and resources effectively and in a modern way. After our Icelandic experience, some of us have returned to our home-towns, some stayed in Iceland. During the past years we have cooperated in different projects, mostly connected to R&D sector, what finally turned into SER winning idea of GeoDrone.

GeoDrone history

RES - The School for Renewable Energy Science

Establishment of the RES - The School for Renewable Energy Science in Akureyri, Iceland. All GeoDrone team members take part in this very challenging M.Sc. educational program.


RES Alumni Organisation

RES Graduates setup the RES Alumni Organisation to stay in touch with each other and industry colleagues.


1st RES Reunion

RES Graduates meet in Kraków for networking and to discuss the future of RES Alumni Organisation. The idea of GeoDrone is being born...


GeoDrone planning

GeoDrone team drafts up a plan for a service that will help with geothermal exploration in developing countries.


GeoDrone in Startup Energy Reykjavik

GeoDrone is one of the 7 teams in the exclusive Startup Energy Reykjavik program.