Geothermal exploration spatial measurements

Service dedicated for Geothermal exploration companies. Multi sensor solutions for geothermal exploration measurements and engineering planning.

GeoDrone provides spatial detection and analysis of geological fault lines, collection and analysis of spatial data for engineering planning, development and construction works. Our analysis base on thermal signatures, mineral mapping and gas seepage detection. That allows us to provide data for further verification of the fault lines for geothermal deposit analysis.

Our service includes dedicated Personal Assistance and co-creation with client of final, customized reports and analysis. We use drones and various other types of UAVs, so that we are able to reduce time necessary for data collection, formalities and overcoming restrictions. The accuracy of all positioning is based on the supplied GPS base in the survey area. Maintaining a constant high standard measurements and performance, our service reduces costs and investment risk.

Geothermal exploration and measurements

Maintenance contracts

Service for geothermal energy utility companies and industry. Provide the necessary data and measurements, in a constant, fast and efficient way.

We offer ongoing process of sustaining the performance of installation and systems, according to design intent, changing needs, and optimum efficiency levels. Additionally our service increase safety and reliability. It helps sustain an overall profitability by addressing equipment efficient operation. That refers to activities such as scheduling equipment and optimizing energy strategies so that equipment operates only to the degree needed to fulfill its intended function.

Our drones and various other types of UAVs are equipped with interchangeable sensors to perform the required measurements. A team of specialists keeps you up to date and supervises the work, adjusting the manner of on-site measurement and scope of work. This allows us to offer customized and optimized services.

Our service, when performed systematically, increase reliability, reduce equipment degradation, and sustain energy efficiency.

Maintenance and Industry

Thermovisiual measurements for industry and individual clients

GeoDrone provides measurements using thermal imaging cameras from the ground and from the air.

Projects of various type, from industry, residential via administrative to commercial. It does not avoid unconventional, untried projects either, such as science and technology parks or sports facilities.

We provide study of heat losses, heat fluxes and temperature measurements in power plants and transmission systems. Overheated of electric motors, bearings and other items of equipment may quickly fail and cause costly downtime and unscheduled repairs. Infrared allows you to assess to what extent is needed renovation of the building. It allows also to locate places that hide under the plaster walled up windows, chimneys, ventilation outlets or lack of such, improper placement of thermal insulation. It is possible to situate the leakage of water pipe systems and district heating. Measurement of thermal imaging course of the water to avoid unpleasant consequences of its failure.

Our drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras have the ability to analyze the hard to reach places, quickly and efficiently verify the state of the installation and provide view from high altitude.

Our service and experience is based on the use of cutting edge technology, professional approach to the assigned tasks, unconventional thinking and at the same time an in-depth understanding of the needs.

Thermovisual measurements

Aerial video and photography services

GeoDrone provides close range aerial video, photo and cinematography services in every place in the world. Highest resolutions at the professional level.

Usable in feature films, commercials and television productions. Photography for real estate, commercial photography, video documentaries, and architectural photography. Live broadcasts of concerts, sporting or other events. Whether for websites, brochures, fine art, or on-site presentations, aerial photos & videos are an indispensable visual tool. We utilize a fleet of remotely controlled drones and quadracopters, which allow us to position our cameras in locations where full scale aircraft and helicopters just can't go. While most full scale aerial photography is done from altitudes of 300 m or higher, we're able to operate all the way down to ground level. This helps to reduce the distance between the camera lens and the object we're photographing and allows us to get closer to our subject to capture more detail.

We can operate with variety of cameras to fit your budget and needs. Services includes pre-planning, insurance, all the necessary equipment, remote control camera head, wireless video assist and crew with remote flying experience.

We work worldwide. Please email us for more information.

Video and Photography

Aerial advertising services

Cost effective, highly visible outdoor aerial advertising and message services. Unique way to stand out from the competition.

New way to bring immediate attention to your organization, your mission, your business or personal interest. Used for commercial advertising, political or social statements, marriage proposals, birthday and anniversary congratulations. Aerial advertising can be customized to concentrate your advertising on a small specific geographical area or spread it over a large expansive area with maximum exposure. This specialization allows you to target a particular demographic for your business or cause.

All of our equipment is maintained to exacting quality and reliability standards. Take your message to the skies. Aerial advertising is quite simply, above the rest. Try using aerial ads to improve your visibility.

Sky Advertising