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Why GeoDrone?What problems are we solving...

We acquire data for geothermal exploration in developing countries while reducing cost and time.

Step 1

Current technique of data acquisition are money and time consuming. This makes a lot of projects less cost feasible. The innovative power of GeoDrone is in the unique combination of most modern technologies in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with advanced remote sensing (LiDAR, thermal and hyperspectral imaging).

Step 2

Today’s remote sensing technologies are expensive what slows down the exploration of potential geothermal active areas. Using UAVs will allow longer operation in the air and larger area analysed what means lower cost for the single square kilometre of surface. Services of GeoDrone are more competitive than traditional remote sensing with the usage of planes.

Step 3

GeoDrone competitive edge lies in the price and the speed of the required information delivery, compared to the competition present nowadays in the market. Our team of skilled IT professionals “crunch the numbers” of the Big Data collected by our unique drones to give our clients the reliable information they need, when they need it.

Alexander RichterThinkGeoEnergy
While air surveillance and exploration is probably not something new, one of the companies presenting is introducing a business around remotely controlled drones for exploration and related surveillance work. Called GeoDrone, I am very excited to follow up with this company and also establish with others, how and if this could help in exploration for geothermal in remote areas of this world.